ARIES SEASON: A Human Design Perspective with Rose Tautari

ARIES SEASON: A Human Design Perspective with Rose Tautari

ARIES SEASON ♈️ 21st March - 19th April


With the sun moving into Aries this welcomes not only the Astrological New Year, but also Mabon/Ostara and the Equinox 


(Mabon to celebrate Autumn for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere + Ostara to celebrate Spring for the Northern Hemisphere)


This is a potent time of passion, drive and determination - as you can tap into your boldest and most fiery archetype expression in your Soulpreneur business.


After the recent ascent from the depths of transformation during Pisces season, this is now a bursting forth and boldly claiming your power. The path has been cleared, you have done the inner healing and necessary recalibration work over the past 12 lunar cycles and now is your time to emerge with a renewed passion, co-creating with the Universe as you manifest your dreams and desires. 


...key energies to embody during this time in your Soulpreneur business and life are your inner ‘passion’ ‘drive’ & ‘divine warrior’



As we voyage through Aries season from the 21st March to 19th April 2022

Our solar goddess the sun will be shining a light on the vibes of Gates 25 of the G Centre (Higher Self); 17 Ajna (Mind); 21 & 51 Heart (Desire); 42 & 3 Sacral (Life Force)


You can look to your HD chart to see if any of these gates are activated for you & may feel heightened; or whether these energies will be a temporary transit that bubbles to the surface anything that needs your attention in your soul calling work

Themes we will move through during Aries Szn:


  • Gate 25 - Embodying your inner child with enthusiasm
  • Gate 17 - Substantiating facts & opinions
  • Gate 21 - Material abundance 
  • Gate 51 - Making an impact
  • Gate 42 - Analysing & bringing clarity
  • Gate 3 - Curating order from chaos/confusion

Rose is a Cosmic Business Witch who specialises in Human Design, Astrology & Gene Keys for new paradigm business, empowering Goddess Soulpreneurs, Modern Mystics & Intuitive Leaders to thrive in their soul calling.




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