Crystals for Cancer Season

Crystals for Cancer Season


During Cancer season you’ll feel a pull to take everything at a much slower pace and allow yourself to flow. Flow being a key word here as Cancer is a water sign, flow in your life and look at the path you have carved out for yourself already as we approach the half-way mark of the year. Cancer is the season of feeling, feeling deep and feeling even deeper. It is reflective and takes a slower pace after Gemini season has just whizzed on past us. Read on to find out our recommended crystals for cancer season too!

Approximately June 21 - July 22

Element: Water • Sign: The Crab • Planet: The Moon

People born under the sign of Cancer

Cancers are compassionate and mystical. Ruled by the moon and being a water sign, Cancer is the most sensitive of all the signs. Their energy is nurturing and highly intuitive. However, when they are moody it can be best to give them their space. Cancers can effortlessly pick up the energy of a room. They are great listeners and love being there for others.

We have curated a Knight Inspired Crystal set especially to support the energy of Cancer Season, this is for anyone no matter if they are born under the sign of Cancer or not. You can find it here or read on to see what’s included!

The energy of Cancer Season

As we mentioned in the introduction, Cancer season is the time of reflection and flow. A time of retrospect which makes sense as we are now about half-way through the year. Cancer Season is a good time to get deep into meditation, journal your thoughts and feelings onto the page and let whatever needs to flow, flow. Trust your intuition and listen to your inner compass as best as you can. Self-care is a huge priority this month..take a bath, a quiet walk in nature or do some gentle exercise, really look after yourself in the ways that are best for you, and remember to stay hydrated! Cancer Season encourages us to let things flow on past if they are not working for us and to pull in closer the things that are. It can be a time of heightened emotions with Cancer being ruled by the moon, so try to not let yourself get worked up too much – if you need to, remember the saying “This too shall pass”

Crystals to support you during Cancer Season

We have curated a special set to support Cancer energy, either during this season or year round for those born under the sign of Cancer.

Carnelian: A stabilising stone to help balance your energy, Carnelian increases motivation, creativity and courage. Carnelian will help you to trust yourself and remove any unwanted emotional negativity caused by overthinking.

Blue Calcite: A powerful energy cleanser, blue calcite will calm a sensitive mind and provide emotional support. Blue Calcite will help you to understand that words are not the only form of communication.

Moonstone: Moonstone offers balance and reflection on all levels. it helps you to tap into deeper levels of your intuition so you can really trust yourself. Moonstone brings insight, knowledge and clarity.

Leopardskin Jasper: Cancer energy is so sensitive that it can leave you feeling a little up in the clouds. Leopardskin Jasper helps to bring you down and connect you to the earth. It provides strength and a solid foundation.

Rainbow Obsidian: Rainbow Obsidian helps to add light-hearted energy to cancers if they are feeling a little weighed down emotionally. Rainbow Obsidian reminds you that rainbows can shine through the darkness.

Cancer Products from Knight Inspired 

Zodiac Crystal Set

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Carnelian & Moonstone

Journal Prompt / Card Pull for Cancer Season:

What is draining me of my energy?
What can I let go of this month?
How can I best tap into my intuition?
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