Crystals for Leo Season

Crystals for Leo Season


Ah Leo season! It’s get up and GO time after a month of retreating and re-alignment with Cancer season. You should now start to feel like you have a bit of a better idea on what direction you are wanting to head for the final half of the year, and Leo season will help to motivate and spark you into action. You will find yourself filled with courage and power as you feel ready to tackle your dreams and goals. Leo season is all about heart - dig deep and discover what matters most to you, bold and defiant you are unshakable during Leo season. Check out our Crystals for Leo Season below too!

Approximately July 23 - August 22

Element: Fire • Sign: The Lion • Planet: The Sun

People born under the sign of Leo

Leos believe they are rulers of the cosmic jungle. Passionate and creative, they like to make things happen (or in other words, get s**** done!) they are natural born leaders and if you are a Leo and don’t actually feel like a leader you might surprise yourself when you look a little deeper, leading doesn’t always mean standing up in front of lots of people and guiding them on what to do, you may have a more subtle approach that still makes a prominent impact on those around you. Leos are passionate and determined, they have giant hearts and like to care for those around them with everything they have got.

We have curated a Knight Inspired Crystal set especially to support the energy of Leo Season, this is for anyone no matter if they are born under the sign of Leo or not. You can find it here or read on to see what’s included!

The energy of Leo Season

Leo Season brings with it a whole range of passionate, motivational and get up and go energies. But at the same time it asks you to turn inward and tune into your heart space, to really figure out what fuels your inner fire and means the most to you in the world - what brings you the most joy?. Because that really is all that matters. The season will ask you to check in with yourself to see what is holding you back from “living your best life” what habits do you need to drop that aren’t allowing you to be your authentic self? What stories are you telling yourself that couldn’t be further from the truth that are holding you back from realising how powerful you are?

While Cancer season showed us how important self care was - Leo season really pushes the idea of self LOVE - the person you need to love the most in the world is you, once you start to figure out how to do that then you have more of your cup filled to share with others, once you really start to hone in on how important loving yourself is then no one else’s opinions about you will ever mean a thing because as long as you love you, then that is all you need. And once you start to love you, you can shine as brightly as you can and light up the world as you are meant to. You’ve got this! 

Crystals to support you during Leo Season

We have curated a special set to support Leo energy, either during this season or year round for those born under the sign of Leo.

Sunstone - Sunstone instils a sense of joy and wonder at how magical life is. It clears and energies the chakras and helps with self empowerment. Sunstone will help you to shine your light and inspire others to do so too.

Bronzite - Bronzite repels negative energies and allows you to make good decisions. It helps to guide your energy to flow along the path of least resistance. Bronzite encourages you to be polite and to practice discernment when dealing with others.

Mookaite Jasper - A nurturing stone that will support you in times of stress and creative burn-out. Mookaite Jasper helps you to accept change while providing balanced and grounded energy.

Pyrite - Pyrite is a stone of mental clarity, creativity and manifestation. Pyrite is a powerful protector against all forms of negative vibrations. It promotes love and friendship and helps Leo energy remember that we are all part of the bigger picture. 

Black Onyx - A stone of strength and stamina. Black Onyx helps with self-control and is a protector of your energy. Black Onyx can help to align you with your higher self and show you that you are one with the Universe.

Leo Products from Knight Inspired 

Zodiac Crystal Set

Carry them with you daily

Zodiac Crystal Candle

Amber, Cedarwood & Patchouli

Zodiac Crystal Bracelet

Mookaite, Bronzite & Sunstone

Journal Prompt / Card Pull for Leo Season:

Where is my heart space leading me?
How do I see myself as a leader / guide for others highest good?
How can I incorporate more Self-Love into my lifestyle?
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