Knight Inspired - how it all started, or was 'inspired' I guess you could say.

Knight Inspired - how it all started, or was 'inspired' I guess you could say.

How Knight Inspired was inspired.

Knight Inspired is the creation of Kimi & Steph Knight. At it’s core, it is the passion project of two sisters with totally different personalities, a Leo & Scorpio, who somehow manage to make it all work out.

When Knight Inspired began in 2018, Kimi was working as a TV producer while developing her photography business on the side. Steph was working in HR and, at the time of this blog post, is still working at her full-time job, pouring candles in between (more on that later).


2018 was a big year for me. One of my horses suddenly passed away with no warning, and exactly a week later our dad ended up in hospital with severe, life-threatening meningitis. Dad managed to pull through thanks to the incredible medical staff (and a bit of divine intervention, I am sure) and has bounced back like nothing ever happened. However, what followed were emotional few months. I felt completely in shock, even though we had processed the fact that the horse was gone and that dad was okay. I just still couldn't feel 'normal'. Something had changed, and I had a lot to work through. 

I started trying to meditate, and I purchased a million crystals. I loved the properties they held, I loved the look and the feel of them, and to be honest, I loved having something to tuck into my pillow or to hold onto during the day. I found comfort in them, and I really enjoyed reading about them and what they all meant. 

One evening, while trying very hard to meditate on the kitchen floor (I still don't feel like I have the hang of it yet!), I saw the current logo of Knight Inspired pop into my head with the moon as part of the K (haven't noticed that yet? Take a look at the logo!). I thought to myself, well that seems interesting. I wonder what I should do with it. At the time, I had no intention to end up selling crystals!

Fast forward a few months, and I said to Steph, ‘That's it. We’re starting a business.’ I absolutely loved my job, but I was bored of the routine, and I needed to do something different. In my mind, my intention (and it still is my intention) was to create a business to support the two of us that one day, when we do start families of our own, would be enough for us to happily run together.

‘Ok Steph, let's make candles...with crystals. And sell them. For fun!’ She gave me a bit of a side eye – Steph was into the crystal side of things but not as much as her crazy hippy sister. I wanted everyone to have a crystal, and if they got the crystal through a beautiful candle – even better!

Eventually, after me attempting to pour the candles myself, she was appalled at my efforts. She did the research and took the reins, perhaps out of pity. I swear she enjoys it, and she is really, really talented at it.

We created the ‘Vibes’ range. Every single candle was planned out: the name would match the stone, and the stone’s properties would connect to the fragrance. For example, Calming Vibes is an amethyst crystal, known for its peaceful calming properties, with either a lavender scent or a rosemary and lemonbalm scent. 

Creating the candles naturally turned into us buying more and more crystals, which rolled into buying the books for the library, which turned into us buying the sage and the incense and, later on, the wax melt warmers.

A lot of thought and planning goes into all of our products, and you know what they say: begin as you mean to go on! We now have a huge extended range, we still plan all of the candles and products, and often why we take so long to release things is that they have to be just right.

Knight Inspired has just grown and grown, and I couldn't be more proud of the two of us. I often think back to one of our first markets, with our tiny table and gazebo. We had a few candles and crystals on display, and it was a huge success. Fast forward to now, and we have to arrive hours earlier just to setup, because we like to take absolutely everything with us and make sure the stand looks beautiful.

Steph still works full-time in HR, but between that and riding the horses she still finds time to keep the candle stock fully topped up. She hand decorates each and every candle. The Magic Minis I especially admire, as they are all so different. The love she pours into them is just magic. Steph is also in charge of all of the accounts and for good reason.

I now work part-time at Knight Inspired and part-time with my photography business In a typical day, you’ll find me editing photos, taking photos of crystals, updating the social media, keeping tally of the website stock and ordering more stock. Oh, and often getting in trouble for ordering too much stock because, well, it was a bargain, Steph! I've also been attuned to reiki, and I am loving sending it to our crystals before they head out the door. The plan for the future is to offer in-person sessions too!

We are also super proud to have now introduced our macramé wall hangings into the mix. Our mum is a big supporter of what we do, and she is always helping us out at the markets – if you've been to see us before, you can see how BUSY we get. Often we can't see out of our own stand! Mum is now a macramé making addict. She stays up late to finish her designs, and they have been so loved! 

Teamwork makes the dream work, and Knight Inspired truly is Knight inspired. Everything we do, make, create and stock is something that inspires us.


As we grow ourselves, our business continues to grow too. Our vision now for Knight Inspired is to empower our customers to connect with themselves, to trust their intuition and to find answers within, with the support of the mystical and new age tools we showcase. We inspire mindfulness, empowerment, healing, inner wisdom and connection, and we encourage our community to embrace their own unique spiritual journeys. 

You don't have to be a mad meditator or crystal healing queen to join us. You can be at any stage of your life. If our products make you smile in any way then we feel like we have done our job. 

We want to extend an enormous thank you to all of our repeat customers, loyal followers and fans. You make this job special and to have your beautiful support and reviews means the world to us.

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