Taurus Season: A Human Design Perspective with Rose Tautari

Taurus Season: A Human Design Perspective with Rose Tautari

TAURUS SEASON ♈️ 20th April to 20th May



With the sun moving into Taurus this brings us collectively into a time where our earthly senses are activated.


This is a grounded and practical energy, where our relationship to the Empress Archetype and Venusian themes are accentuated - as you can tap into your determined & sensual archetype expression in your Soulpreneur business.


After the boldness and drive of Aries season, the Taurus vibe of this season invites us to consider what we desire to “have” in our possession at the end of the day. What does your soul truly wish to hold onto in terms of physical manifestation? What does your most opulent, wealthy and abundant life truly look like? How does it feel under your fingertips? How does that unique taste you possess show up in your soul business and life?


...key energies to embody during this time in your Soulpreneur business and life are your earthiness, stability and luxe life (as that resonates for you)





As we voyage through Taurus season from the 20th April to 20th May 2022

Our solar goddess the sun will be shining a light on the vibes of Gates 3 & 27 of the Sacral Chakra (Life Force); Gate 24 of the Ajna (Insight); Gate 2 of the G Centre (Higher Self & Identity) & Gates 23 & 8 of the Throat Chakra (Self Expression & Manifestation)


You can look to your HD chart to see if any of these gates are activated for you & may feel heightened; or whether these energies will be a temporary transit that bubbles to the surface anything that needs your attention in your soul calling work



Themes we will move through during Taurus Szn:


  • Gate 3 - Curating order from chaos/confusion

  • Gate 27 - Nurturing others

  • Gate 24 - Getting to the heart of truth

  • Gate 2 - Turning ideas into reality

  • Gate 23 - Explaining things with simplicity & clarity

  • Gate 8 - Sharing your specific taste



Rose is a Cosmic Business Witch who specialises in Human Design, Astrology & Gene Keys for new paradigm business, empowering Goddess Soulpreneurs, Modern Mystics & Intuitive Leaders to thrive in their soul calling.




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