What is Human Design with Rose Tautari

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a powerful way of understanding what your soul is here in this lifetime to achieve, or what your soul’s purpose is in this life. It is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science - including Astrology, Chakras, I Ching, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. 

Human Design is the contract your soul makes with the universe in this lifetime for who you came here to be, what you came here to do, and what karma you came to correct this time around. 

My name is Rose Tautari, and if I was to introduce myself in Human Design speak, I am a Mental Projector, with a 6/2 profile (being both the Role Model and the Hermit). But if I was to grab a coconut milk latte (large please!) and sit down with you to chat in real life, I'd describe myself as a Beach-Side nomad who has the daily privilege of guiding other women on their journey to finding who they truly are (before the world tried to tell them who they “should” be). I am a Human Design reader and guide, an author and I host a weekly Human Design show called Lotus Life The Podcast.

Have you ever wondered why you are completely different to other people around you? Your unique Human Design is what reveals your magic, (a little like an astrology chart on steroids) and is determined by your exact birth date, time and location. Each soul is imprinted with a different combination of those factors depending on what was going on energetically in the universe at the time your soul chose to be born, which generates a chart specific to only you.

We are not all here on this earth to be the same homogenous flavour of human, despite much of the pressure and general conditioning society pushes onto us as we grow up to get us to all be the same, do the same jobs, have the same lifestyle and so on. But that is just not what you are here for in this lifetime. You are brilliant in your own unique way, and Human Design empowers you to thrive as your true self.

At the core, there are five archetypes. Each person is born as one of the five energy types known as Generators, Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Understanding and empowering yourself to know how your unique energy and aura operates and interacts with the world around you gives you a freedom to truly live in alignment with a life that you love and is right for you. 

What are the 5 types of Human Design?

The Generator

Generators are powerhouses - they make up about 35% of the world's population, and when you combine them with their similar type (see Manifesting Generators) these two energy types both driven by their Sacral Chakra combine to make up 70% of the world's population. Generators are pure life-force in motion.

Having their Sacral Chakra defined, means that a Generator has access to a sustainable powerful energy source. For a Generator who is living in alignment, they can harness and make use of that pure life force energy.

Generators have a uniquely magnetic and attracting energy and aura to others. They are here to make the most of life, and use their unbounded energy to move the world. A Generator living in alignment and following their inner voice are the kind of people you will recognise in life that when they are doing what they love, and loving what they do, they are oh-so sparkly and lit up.  

A Generator is the person who the saying "if it isn't a hell yes, it's a hell no" was made for. These people need to listen to their gut for every decision, which makes sure that they don’t end up saying yes to unaligned things they feel they ‘should’ do or feel an obligation to do out of duty. This is known in Human Design as the unique Generator strategy for using their energy in the right way for them by “waiting to respond”.

The Manifesting Generator

Manifesting Generators make up the other 35% of the population who have access to their Sacral Chakra energy. A hybrid of the Generator and Manifestor types, these people are responsible for the “life force” of the planet, and can also create their own reality!

Manifesting Generators (or Mani Gens as I affectionately like to call them) are guided by their Sacral Chakra inner voice (which only pure Generators or Manifesting Generators can have). The life force energy that comes from the Sacral dominates the frequency of the planet and throughout history has meant Mani Gens have been both the creative spark energy and stamina of human history.

Manifesting Generators are designed to do lots of things, at the same time! They have lots of ideas, become inspired easily, and are unique in that they can get more done than most “ordinary” people because their pace of life is FAST. These types are active-multitaskers and need to be doing more than one thing at a time (equally as fast as they can start something, they also are designed to put things down as quickly as they begin them, without any self judgment - that’s just their design!) A Mani Gen has an open and enveloping aura that draws people into their orbit and is truly magnetic when they are living in alignment!

A Manifesting Generators strategy for using their energy in the correct way is known as “respond, then inform” which listens to their inner Sacral Chakra voice first for the “hell yes” or “hell no” and then simply informing others around them of what they are/aren’t doing. This isn’t asking permission, far from it, but allows their aura and energy to interact in alignment with the world around them!

The Manifestor

The second rarest type, being only about 8% of the population. Manifestors are part of the minority of people who do not have their Sacral Centre defined (only Generators and Mani Gens have this!) but a Manifestor does have the ability to tap into their own unique energy source driven by their going after their desires. Manifestors are the true “doers” and hundreds of years ago would have been in positions of power, starting revolutions, changing the course of history, and running kingdoms. Their gift is to use their independence, manifesting ability and “take action” life force to create an impact wherever they go.

Manifestors are true to their name, with an exceptional ability to “manifest” in the classic sense, or create exactly what they envision or desire. These are the only energy type to be able to initiate from their own desires - all the other types have to ‘wait’ in some capacity before using their energy for something. Think of them as the person who flicks the cosmic dominos, and the rest of the world are the dominos energetically responding to a Manifestors ability to initiate!

A Manifestor’s aura is designed to “protect” them, having a selective energy which means that only the people who are right for them will be in their life. The saying “I’m not for everyone” is true for a Manifestor living in alignment!

A Manifestors strategy for using their energy in the correct way is “to inform” - this isn’t a process of asking for permission (a Manifestors biggest fear!); but simply a way of removing energetic resistance and allowing their powerful energy to interact in alignment with others.

The Projector

The newest energy archetype on the block (having only been around for about 230 years) Projectors make up around 20% of the population. This energy type is named after their aura which is unique in that it is focused on the other, and extends (or projects) into other people. This gives the projector a superpower of being able to see into others and interact with them on a deep energetic level unlike any of the other types. 

Projectors are a non-energy type, which means they haven’t got the consistent source of life force energy that other types have. Their gift is wisdom, efficiency and guidance for others - they thrive by understanding and empowering themselves on how to use their energy and unique soul’s purpose to guide the other archetypes. Imagine a Projector as the birds sitting up on the branch of a tree overlooking the herd below them, and they get to choose exactly when to flap their wings and fly to another branch to gain clarity and insight of what is ahead to share with others. 

A Projector who doesn’t understand their unique aura and energy type has usually spent their life trying to live as the 80% of the world around them who are Generators, Mani Gens and Manifestors. Chances are they are burnt out and exhausted trying to keep up, or have been left feeling lazy and unsuccessful because their life has been lived out of alignment for their design.

The Projectors strategy for using their energy in a way that will unlock their magic and gifts is to “wait for the invitation.” By allowing others to recognise them and their aura, then offer an invitation, a Projector can respond by sharing their insight, guidance or wisdom. 


Reflectors are the living unicorns and rarest type, with less than 1% of the population falling into this category. A Reflector is here to be the true mirror for society, and they have the greatest potential for wisdom out of all the 5 types. 

Energetically, they are like blank slates, as with Projectors, they don’t produce their own energy - but they have what is described as a “Teflon Aura”, allowing them to let everything in the world around them slide right on by should they choose to. Growing up in a world of the Generator, Manifestor and Mani Gen can be incredibly confusing energetically.

Reflectors have an important role, they are here with a purpose to mirror, absorb or magnify the society they are surrounded by back to other people for them. They are the ‘bluetooth speaker’ for society. Reflectors are designed to be the people who wake up and think “Who am I going to be today that makes me feel the happiest” and they will typically wear lots of hats over their lifetime. Reflectors will change jobs, embody lots of different personas, and be completely unconventional (but be in their most blissful state by being unconventional!)

For a Reflector to be in alignment they are designed to live their life in accordance with the Lunar cycle. They are here to take their time with any decision making, just as the Moon doesn't create its own light but it reflects the Sun. A Reflector strategy is to “wait 28 days” through a full lunar cycle prior to making any significant decisions in life. 

What are the shapes of a Human Design Chart?

Within each individual person’s design they have 9 energy centres, a synthesis of the Chakra system that our life force flows through. In Human Design there are 9 centres (rather than the 7 Chakras) which is thanks to a shift in the cosmos that happened around 230 years ago. Each centre or chakra has its own energetic characteristics, and it is common for most people to have a mixture of some of these areas coloured in on their chart and some are seen as white.

These 9 Centres will be either coloured in - this is called “Defined” or they will be white - which is known as “Open” or “Undefined”. If the centre is coloured in, this means it has linked fully to another centre, almost like two light bulbs in an electrical circuit with a full line running all the way linking the two. Undefined (white) Centres have half lines coming from them, but do not link up to anything else. Open Centres have no lines attached.

When a centre is Defined this means you will have more of a fixed or consistent aspect of this in your personality; think of it as an energetic buffer against the world around you. 

Anywhere in your chart which is white through either an Open or Undefined centre, this means you don’t have access to the traits of this centre consistently and you haven’t got that energetic buffer to help out with this part of your design. This means you will typically be more susceptible to take in the conditioning of others through these white centres and be more open to the influence of those around you. This happens whether we are aware it is happening or not - which is where we often develop subconscious conditioning over our lives.

So knowing where your traits are the most fixed and robust, and then equally where you are the most open to the outside influence is super powerful in helping you on a daily basis. By understanding this about yourself and your design it helps you figure out which of your choices, emotions and actions are coming from a place that is in alignment or not. Whether you are operating from a place of your own true self, and spot the places where you might say “oh that’s actually not really who I am”, and give yourself the ability to do the inner healing work on your way to course correcting.


This is a pressurised centre which moves our Qi (Chi) or life force through our bodies. Everything in this centre relates to knowing, thinking and gives us our questions and doubts. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Am I trying to answer everybody else's questions?”


The Ajna is your mind consciousness or otherwise known as your third eye. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Am I trying to convince everyone that I am certain?”


All energy through our bodies (or flow of our Qi) moves towards the Throat, and this is our manifestation centre. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Am I trying to attract attention?”


This is home to our identity, love, direction and our own unique energy flow connects us to the flow of life through this centre. Think of this as the place where we are wired into the Universe. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Am I constantly seeking out love and direction?”


One of the four “motors” as they are known in Human Design. Our Heart is the home of our willpower, motivation and ego (as a healthy expression of what we ‘desire’). A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Do I think I have something I have to prove?”


The Second of the four “motors” the Solar Plexus is home to our emotions and operates through an emotional wave for those who have this centre defined in their chart. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Am I avoiding confrontation and/or the truth?”


The Third of the four “motors” the Sacral Centre governs our creative life force energy, and provides the power and energy behind our beloved Generators and Manifesting Generators! A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Do I know when enough is enough?”


The final of the four “motors” in the Root Centre we find out momentum and adrenalised energy (or stress). Through this pressurised centre our Qi flows and moves through the rest of the body and it provides us with the momentum to push forward. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Do I act in a hurry to get things done, just so I can be free of pressure?”


Our Spleen creates within us the survival awareness or sixth sense intelligence that is so necessary for our survival. This centre is home to our fears and wisdom. A question you can ask yourself to check whether you are living in alignment through this centre is “Am I holding on to things that aren’t right for me or good for me?”

Where to find your Human Design Chart?

There are fantastic free websites where you can input your birth date, birth time and location you were born online anytime and receive a copy of your Human Design straight away. My favourite to suggest to use is available at mybodygraph.com and gives you all the details so you can see your Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile at a glance. You will also see your chart with which centres are Defined and which are Open/Undefined and you will get a full list of all lines and channels that make up your individual Human Design! 

Want to dive a little deeper?

There is lots of information you can dive into straight away on your own simply by knowing your Human Design Type, Strategy and Authority! But there is SO much more to your individual design and understanding your soul’s purpose, karma and how you chose to come here to show up in this lifetime. That is where I help people all over the world to decode and understand their chart in easy to understand language by giving 1:1 chart readings. I love guiding people to have clarity on their soul’s purpose in this lifetime, handing over your permission slip from the universe to be truly yourself and empowering you to shine your unique light as the magical soul you are. 

You can find me online at rosetautari.com or come connect with me on the ‘Gram and Facebook @rosetautari 

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