Crystal Sourcing

Here at Knight Inspired we are trying our best to source our crystals and products as consciously as we possibly can. We will not claim to host 'ethically sourced crystals' as so many are seeming to do lately as to be honest it is such a big claim to make. There are some stores out there who definitely are but please just be wary of people using it as a branding term to make more sales. 

When purchasing our stones we are investigating into how they were collected and carved and if it was of a conscious manner. We are limiting who we purchase wholesale off and by doing so it may mean that prices seem a little more than regular as these sellers also raise their pricing for the fact that they have done their best to investigate the path of the crystals too.

While it is a long road ahead we just wanted to let you know that we are doing the very best we can, and we won't pop any labels over our head until we can assure that we are 100% correct in what we do. For now we are just doing our very best and making sure the energy of the stones is cleansed, clear and high-vibe before they leave us to go to you :)

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