Spiritual Support Crew

We have lots of people asking for our recommendations for Healers, Tarot Readers, Coaches & Guides etc. So, we have decided to kick off the Knight Inspired Spiritual Support Crew. 

We are still in the process of working out the best way to display everyone as well as inviting people onto the page. So we promise it’ll get easier to navigate. 

But for now, in no particular order, here is our Spiritual Support Crew so far…

I am a qualified Horary Astrology practitioner and currently sitting my diploma so student rates are available at the moment. Contact: wickan222@gmail.com


I am Lara (Lazz) of Walnut Wednesday and I am a Reiki Master offering distance healing (and I also do fun, quick mini card readings): https://walnutwednesday.com/offerings/distance-reiki-healings/ these take place over zoom. I have a private Facebook Group that receives an extra option and slightly discounted Distance Healing Rates: https://walnutwednesday.com/exclusive-twt-group-offers/

I live in Wellington, NZ but predominantly heal via distance as I’ve not set up my space for extra-other-people physical energy yet.