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Beeswax Spell Candle: Green

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Price is for one candle + a complimentary small piece of quartz to amplify your intentions . Candles are around 10cm tall and 1.5cm thick.

Candle magic is one of the oldest forms of magic, it is a beautiful, intentional way to focus on what you wish to manifest.

To get started, pick your candle colour that relates to the nature of your goal or outcome.

Focus and visualise the outcome or energy of what you are casting the spell for into the candle.

You may like to state your intention out loud, you can also rub essential oils into the candle that you feel relate to your spell or carve symbols (like reiki symbols or runes) into the candle, just take care to avoid the wick.

You may also like to surround the candle with flowers and crystals that you feel called to include in your spell.

Just be sure to keep them a safe distance away.

When you feel ready, centre yourself and light your candle.

The candle will be full of your visualisation and intent.

Once the candle is burning you do not need to keep putting your energy into the candle, your job is done and the candle will burn away with the power of your energy and intention.

Spell candles can also be displayed on an altar without burning as a colour representation of your manifestations.

CAUTION: Burn time on these candles is approximately 1 hour, do not leave candle unattended or near children and pets, please remove all packaging before lighting your candle, burn on a flat surface away from any other hazards, if the candle appears to be burning dangerously - be sure to extinguish before attempting to touch. You can always reset your spell candle if necessary.   Please note these candles will need support to stand to burn safely as the base is not very wide.


Blue: Peace, Protection & Communication

White: Serenity, Cleansing & Protection

Green: Prosperity, Luck & Abundance

Pink: Gentle Love, Self Care & Friendship

Brown: Health, Resources & Earth Magic

Red: Love, Passion & Vitality

Purple: Intuition, Creativity & Prosperity

Orange: Confidence, Ambition & Motivation

Black: Energetic & Psychic Protection

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Beeswax Spell Candle: Green

Beeswax Spell Candle: Green