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Cancer - Zodiac Crystal Set

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PLANET: The Moon

SYMBOL: The Crab

Approximately June 21 - July 22



Blue Calcite


Leopardskin Jasper

Rainbow Obsidian

Sets include 5 stones and a high quality printed A6 information card for your reference.

Use this set for guidance and support with the energy of your own unique astrology or with the current energy of the cosmos. Keep them close by, place them somewhere special or hold them during your daily rituals.

Please note that your crystals may come as a rough stone or a tumble, variations may appear in the colour and size compared to those in the photograph as all crystals are natural and unique.

This set was curated by the team at Knight Inspired, some variations between dates will appear online, hence the approximately on the card. We have also chosen the stones that feel right for us to have as part of our sets, you may find that these stones are also valid for other zodiac signs, however they are curated for our store in mind. 

PS... If you're wanting to have a set of three for your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your rising sign. Use the code SUNMOONRISING at the checkout to get 3 sets for $100.


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Cancer - Zodiac Crystal Set

Cancer - Zodiac Crystal Set