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Copper Sphere 3cm

Copper Sphere 3cm

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Now when you think of copper you don't usually associate it with a crystal store but this super charged metal packs a punch. Copper is believed to provide connections between the physical and spiritual realms and really helps to balance out your chakras, your emotions and your nervous system. 

Use it to charge and clear the stones you are working with, it is a conductor of energy, so any stone paired with Copper, in or around it, is said to have its properties enhanced.

Copper is also known to ease the symptoms of arthritis, repair tissues and oxygenate the blood (more blood flow = more energy!)

It will help you pull in higher vibrations and ground them, making them more stable to work with. It stimulates the flow of energy and enhances your inner-vision.

Copper helps to activate the Root Chakra and allow you to recognise the barriers that are blocking you from moving forward.

It really is a stone you want to have on you to pair with all of your other stones. Like a little rechargeable battery pack!

Fun fact - Copper is an essential trace mineral and, after iron and zinc, the third most common mineral in the human body. Meaning that we humans are able to forge a deep connection with it as it is part of our make-up.

Chakras: Root & Heart

Crystal Care: When your crystal arrives it will have picked up energies from its journey and you will need to set your intentions for it to help you. Check out our Crystal Cleansing Guide

Consciously sourced from our lovely wholesaler who takes the time to check where her stock originates from. 

Listing is for one 3cm sphere - your sphere will be intuitively chosen from what is available.


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