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Crackle Quartz Tumble Stone

Crackle Quartz Tumble Stone

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A high vibrational stone. Crackle (Or Fire and Ice Quartz) carries the properties of the master healing Clear Quartz stone. This Quartz has been heat treated to create the crackles and rainbows within. 

It helps to reveal your souls purpose and shows you how you are the creator of your own reality. The high vibrations of Crackle Quartz helps to open, balance and cleanse your chakras. It then allows energy to flow through without being blocked as the crackle quartz has helped to clear a path.

It encourages growth and healing on all levels and is filled with beautiful rainbows.

Origin: Brazil

Points are priced based on their weight. Photo just just a small batch as we have so many in stock. Your point will be intuitively chosen from what is available.


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