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Creativity and Inspiration Journal

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There is no wrong way to make art, no rules, no limits. Only you know what makes your spirit sing, and only you can claim it for yourself.

Autumn Skye invites you to make art, no matter how well or beautiful. Create as if your life and the world depend on it. And yet, not take it too seriously.

Laugh at the petty judgments, dance with the lofty expectations, play and make a mess, retain a beginner's mind, and know that you are divinely supported in your unique expression. The worst that can happen is that a piece of paper will never again be pristine white, but marred forever by your scribbles. T

he most that can happen is that you come alive. The creative spark in you will be stoked with every line and dot until an inspired fire rages in you so brightly that it ignites others around you.

So, liberate yourself from an artless reality, and you might help save the world.

Journal includes an introduction, insight, messages, quotes and 44 full-colour images to ignite creativity and inspiration.

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Creativity and Inspiration Journal

Creativity and Inspiration Journal