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Crystal Bracelet: Root Chakra

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Wear this bracelet to support, balance and activate your Root Chakra energy

Muladhara - “I am"

Located at the base of your spine, the Root Chakra's role is to connect your energy to the earth, making you feel safe, stable and secure.


Red Jasper: Red Jasper is an effective grounding stone, it resonates with the lower chakras and creates a strong bond with mother earth. It takes your energy and connects you to the earth, it is a helpful stone to balance emotions and ground you spiritually. Red Jasper is like the building blocks or foundations of a house, creating a sense of stability and a solid platform.

Garnet: Garnet grounds your spirit within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. It balances, strengthens and protects.

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline protects your energy and removes those unwanted negative thoughts. It is a grounding stone and gives you a sense of security. A powerful protector against negative energy, carry it with you to increase self confidence and alleviate fear

Two sizes available. 17cm which is S/M and 19cm which is M/L

A beautiful collaboration between Wristocracy and Knight Inspired. We put our creativity together and came up with a gorgeous new bracelet range. Stone combinations were chosen by us here at Knight Inspired and then crafted from high quality beads, elastic and love by Tricia at Wristocracy.

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Crystal Bracelet: Root Chakra

Crystal Bracelet: Root Chakra