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Crystal Bracelet: Throat Chakra

Crystal Bracelet: Throat Chakra

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Wear this bracelet to support, balance and activate your Throat Chakra energy

Vishuddha - “I speak”

Located at the centre of your throat. This Chakra encourages you to accept your uniqueness and to speak your truth from a place of authenticity.


Dumortierite: Dumortierite assists in receiving information and guidance through that is for your highest good. Dumortierite will help to create a clearer channel for higher dimensional communication. It is a stone of communication and can stimulate the verbalization of ideas. Dumortierite is also a wonderful stone to use when feeling scattered, unfocused and disorganized.

Blue Lace Agate: Blue Lace Agate is a highly calming and soothing stone, it is linked to the throat chakra and teaches you how to gently get your voice across and speak your truth. It also teaches us the importance of inner strength. It helps us to not get overwhelmed and brings clarity to the mind.

Angelite: Angelite is a stone of peace, it assists you in connecting with your angels, spirit guides and highest self. It enables astral travel and is a powerful stone if you are a healer. Angelite connects to the Throat Chakra and helps you to speak your truth. It dispels fear and encourages forgiveness. A stone of compassion, wholeness and healing.

Two sizes available. 17cm which is S/M and 19cm which is M/L

A beautiful collaboration between Wristocracy and Knight Inspired. We put our creativity together and came up with a gorgeous new bracelet range. Stone combinations were chosen by us here at Knight Inspired and then crafted from high quality beads, elastic and love by Tricia at Wristocracy.


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