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Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - Rose Gold with Gem Chamber

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - Rose Gold with Gem Chamber

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Our beautiful bottles come in a gorgeous Rose Gold finish they feature a 450ml water section and a gem chamber down the bottom.

The beauty of these is that you can interchange your stones as often as you feel! 

You can purchase a set off us or buy empty and fill our own! 

But the crystal isn't touching the water?!

Never fear the beauty of crystals is that they each vibrate at their own frequency and they are so close to the water they still send out the good vibes even being right beside it! 

This also means you can fill with stones that aren't safe to ingest with water! Lots of crystal elixir recipes ask you to pop a bowl of stones within the water because they are toxic if actually in the water itself! 

Bottles come with a kraft storage box and a neoprene sleeve for extra precaution! 

Do not dishwash these - handwash only :)


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