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Crystals to calm an anxious mind

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A selection of soothing stones for the worrier, the anxious and the stressed out.

Each set comes with a Knight Inspired carry pouch and an info card

Amazonite reminds you to live in alignment with what makes you truly happy. It soothes your nerves and brings you into a state of peaceful awareness. It is a balancing stone that calms the brain and nervous system and reminds you to set healthy boundaries in order to protect your emotional health. Amazonite alleviates worrying and fearful thoughts and replaces them with a calm and balanced state of mind.

Howlite is a calming and soothing stone, it helps you to reduce stress and has a very calming vibration. A great stone for anyone who over thinks or has a tendency to panic. Howlite can help you with insomnia and supports you when you are feeling overwhelmed or emotionally overloaded. It brings awareness to the root of the problem and gently helps you to seek solutions to overcome what is causing you distress.

Angelite is a stone of peace and harmony. It helps you to connect with your angels, spirit guides and your higher self, allowing loving messages, guidance and wisdom to come through. It reminds you that the universe always has a plan and that you are always being guided. Angelite will soothe your soul and reminds you to take just one step at a time.

Amethyst facilitates a deeper connection to yourself and the universe, it is an intuitive guide and brings balance and peace to your life. It works to clear the mind of negative beliefs and gently helps you to break free from negative thought patterns. It also helps with insomnia and provides energetic protection while you are sleeping.

Lepidolite allows you to surrender your worries to the universe and to sink into a state of relaxation. It teaches you to listen to the wisdom that is radiating from your heart space. Lepidolite can help shift you into a higher vibration when you are experiencing upsetting emotions. It reminds you that self-care is always a top priority.


Please note that stones will differ from the image in terms of polished or rough. They will still be the ones listed above but may change size / shape / form.

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Crystals to calm an anxious mind

Crystals to calm an anxious mind