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Fire Quartz Puffy Palmstone

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Fire quartz balances the mind, body and spirit with a grounding effect due to the Hematite being present. It brings clarity to the mind and boosts your energy. Fire Quartz can help establish a good sense of self esteem and is useful for those with short attention spans or have trouble holding focus. It can be used to calm a worried and panicked mind by channeling your energy clearly and grounding you to the earth.

It is also known as Hematoid Quartz due to the Hematite inclusions within the Clear Quartz.

Puffy Palmstones are available in two sizes

M and M/L - They are all around 5-6cm tall but some are wider than others.

Your palm will be intuitively selected from the size range you select.

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Fire Quartz Puffy Palmstone

Fire Quartz Puffy Palmstone