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Gaia Stone Collection #484

Gaia Stone Collection #484

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The Gaia Collection

A beautiful representation of what Mother Earth has to offer. A combination of stone, florals, feathers wire wrapped to create a beautiful decor piece.


Stone and Florals 30cm tall 1.3kg

No two are the same, each will have a stone selected, then a floral assortment to match its aesthetic. 

They are then twisted and kept secure with adhesive at the back. So please note they will need to sit somewhere where you can just see the front if you don't want to show off the back. They are glued to keep secure.

 Please note the pricing reflects the price point of the stone as well as the florals added on, some stones may be smaller but may be higher grade than others.


Free Shipping over $200 (NZ Only) Australia Rates available too.

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