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Hamil Al Musk Charcoal - 10 Tabs

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Charcoal disks can be used to burn loose incense, herbs or resin on.

They burn at a very high temperature so it is important to have it in a heat-proof bowl or holder.

How to use a charcoal disk..

Hold with tongs if possible and then with a flame from a match, lighter or candle hold it near the charcoal. Once the charcoal begins to heat it will start to sparkle.

When it is lit - place it in your heat proof holder.

Placing Ritual Sand in the base of your burner improves the burning efficiency.

Now place your blend of incense or resin on top of the disc, be careful not to smother it. It should run for 30-40 minutes.

Never leave unattended!

Witchy Tips...

Magickal Properties of Charcoal 

Purifying, Protecting, Banishing and Healing.

To use Charcoal in Black Salt - Witchy Recipe:

What is Black Salt? It absorbs negative energy and toxic vibes. You can use it for everything from soaking up a bad mood to driving away toxic people.

To Make (you can leave ingredients out if you wish)

Coarse Salt

Crushed Charcoal

Crushed Egg Shells



You can blend it all and sprinkle it around your home or space for spiritual protection.

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Hamil Al Musk Charcoal - 10 Tabs

Hamil Al Musk Charcoal - 10 Tabs