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Healing Vibes Tin Candle: Sandalwood & Cedar

Healing Vibes Tin Candle: Sandalwood & Cedar

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Known as the Master Healer stone, Clear Quartz is very versatile. It amplifies your intentions, broadcasts healing out into your space and enhances communication with your guides. It clears energetic obstructions, allows your energy to flow freely and accelerates your spiritual growth. Clear Quartz will power up other stones you are working with and magnify their frequencies. It is an excellent stone to be used in all types of energy work, gridding or to sit with quietly in meditation.

A travel tin crystal candle, perfect for yourself or gifting to a friend. Tins can be re-used for storing little things around the home. When your candle has finished you can keep your crystal with you, keep it beside your bed or gift it to a friend in need.

*Please note, as crystals are a natural object it means no two candles are the same. Your candle is highly likely to have a different looking stone atop of it. This also includes if the stone is tumbled or in rough form*


Eco-conscious Soy Wax and Phthalate free fragrances

How to use

Before lighting, trim your wick to approximately 0.6cm to control flame height and reduce smoke. For the perfect burn pool we recommend removing any crystals and florals prior to lighting. For your first burn we recommend a burn time of 3 - 4 hours or until the wax pool hits the edges of the jar (but never for more than 4 hours) this will help keep the burn pool even and maximize the wax melting for future burns. Trim wick before each burn to ensure the wick is clear. When your candle reaches close to the bottom of the jar we recommend you discontinue burning as running the candle below 1cm of the base of the wick can lead to the jar heating up, cracking or causing damage to the surface it is sitting on.

Please always burn your candle on an appropriate surface and never leave your candle unattended. Keep your candle out of direct sunlight to prevent natural discolouration of the wax. When burning your candle ensure it is not placed in any area with a draught. Never light the candle near anything that could possibly catch fire, curtains etc. Crystals are a potential choking hazard so please keep out of reach of children and pets. Our Hidden crystal candles have crystals at the bottom of the jar, these crystals won’t effect the burn and can be collected at the end of your candle. Crystals can be cleaned with warm soapy water. When you have finished with your candle - don't throw it out!

Clean the jar with warm soapy water and reuse it to hold more crystals or other necessary magical items!


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