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Calming Vibes: Hidden Crystal Candle

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Lavender Scented | Hidden Amethyst stone at the bottom

Amethyst is calming, protective, healing, intuitive and is extremely beneficial to the mind. Amethyst balances out highs and lows promoting emotional centering. It is a useful stone for anxiety and it's an excellent cleanser and protector.

When your candle has finished you can keep your Amethyst in your pocket for a dose of calming & intuitive vibes throughout the day and keep it under your pillow at night for helping to sleep.

Amethyst can fade in sunlight so not one to be placed on the windowsill for too long.

**Please note that all crystals will vary in size/shape/form as they are of natural origin and are all unique, you may have a rough stone or a polished one** 

Also the form in the candle is not represented by the clusters in the image, they would not do well in the wax. It is more of a solid piece.

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Calming Vibes: Hidden Crystal Candle

Calming Vibes: Hidden Crystal Candle