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Honey Optical Calcite Small Sphere

Honey Optical Calcite Small Sphere

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Let Honey Calcite warm your soul and boost your self worth, confidence and courage. Honey Calcite encourages you to work on your leadership skills in order to become a shining light for others. Let your inner glow SHINE. It connects you to the beautiful nurturing energy of Mother Earth and reminds you to stay connected to your own energy, and not to drift off and get caught up in what other people are doing. Honey Calcite is especially useful when taking on a new task or project in order to keep you motivated and full of brilliant ideas. It reminds you that everything you need is within yourself and not to look around too often to see what others are doing - you do you honey boo! 

These are approx 2-3cm and will be intuitively chosen from what is available.


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