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Labradorite Squirrel

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Price is for one item only, your stone will be intuitively selected from what is available.

Labradorite  A stone for mystical, the witches, the healers and the intuitives (basically everyone!). It is a stone of protection, grounding, empowerment and transformation. A stone of magic, Labradorite assists you to understand your destiny. It attracts strength and perseverance. It helps to provide clarity of your inner sight.  It also enhances patience and an inner knowing that everything happens at the right time.

Please note that photos have been taken to show off the best flash that these have. The flashes change how they show depending on the lighting (they are always there) but it is completely down to angles and lights. So the flash may show up different in your own home. These are the flashes that are on the items but have been angled specifically to show them.

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Labradorite Squirrel

Labradorite Squirrel