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Lemurian Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant #220

Lemurian Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant #220

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4.5cm long (stone and silver top)

Chain not included but can be found here

Lemurian Quartz is said to have originated in Lemuria, a highly developed spiritual civilisation that existed many years ago. It is said to now be buried deep beneath the sea after a catastrophic event occured. The people of Lemuria are said to have been aware of this event about to occur and prepared the Lemurian crystals with their knowledge so that one day future civilisations could learn from them. 

They carry strong divine feminine energies and raise the consciousness of the whole area they reside in. They guide us to co-create with spirit and hold deep insight, ancient wisdom and offer profound healing. They have natural grooves within them (unless polished out) and are said to hold the keys and knowledge within those. Running your fingers over them can help to decode the messages within.

Your soul and higher self will know what information is meant for you within the stones and you will receive whatever you need to when you are ready to receive it.


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