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“In this time of uncertainty, millennials are asking the cosmos for answers.” – The Guardian.

These are indeed luna-tic times: people have, once again, begun to believe in the power of the moon.

Just think about the popularity of all kinds of moon sign apps, and how labels such as Vetements and Valentina flirt with cosmic prints and astrology. The moon is no longer exclusive to flower power hippies, but is now also popular among well-educated youngsters. How did that come about?

Which artists and writers were influenced by the moon? How do you integrate the moon into your daily life?

Lunatic offers the answers to these questions. It’s a beautiful inspirational guide brimming with glowing images and original illustrations, which also serves as a practical manual that explains your zodiac sign and how the phases of the moon influence your life.

AUTHORS: Katrin Swartenbroux writes for Belgian newspaper De Morgen about trends, fashion, lifestyle, and culture. Wided Bouchrika writes for magazines Knack and Charlie Magazine.

The ultimate feel good guide to those for whom the moon plays an important role in his or her life A trendy book with a handy practical part, including moon calendars, lunar cycle, etc

Find balance in your life on the rhythm of the moon 120 colour, 50 b/w illustrations

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