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Mala: Labradorite + Obsidian + Moonstone


A powerful combination for protection, strength and intuitive insight.

Lovingly hand-crafted in Australia but Sage & Stone Collective

What is a mala?
108 gemstone beads, hand knotted and sealed with a guru bead and unique tassel. used for meditation, intention setting, prayer, pranayama, affirmation/mantra or crystal healing.

They can be worn daily as they are so beautiful or used in your rituals.

How to use your mala:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and take a few breaths to centre yourself.
  • If you have one, use a mantra for this practice, chanting aloud or silently.
  • Hold your mala in your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead, use your thumb to count each smaller bead, pulling it toward you as you recite your mantra. Do this 108 times, traveling around the mala, until you once again reach the guru bead.
  • If you want to continue the meditation, instead of passing over the guru bead, simply reverse direction and begin again.

** additional images are examples of how you can use your beautiful mala **

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Mala: Labradorite + Obsidian + Moonstone

Mala: Labradorite + Obsidian + Moonstone