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Mama - Crystal Set

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Mama - Crystal Set

Curated by Knight Inspired

A set curated for those seeking to conceive or who are pregnant. Keep these crystals by your side or under your pillow, meditate with them or gift them to a friend in need.

Unakite: This stone promotes a healthy pregnancy by bringing a gentle and uplifting yet peaceful feeling. It also offers support for patience and persistence.

Carnelian: A powerful stone to balance the Sacral Chakra (reproductive organs), Carnelian stimulates life-force energy and brings about courage and motivation.

Rainbow Moonstone: Aligned with the energy of the moon, Rainbow Moonstone connects you to your feminine power and inner knowing. It is also said to promote fertility.

Rose Quartz: Enhances the feelings of love, compassion and kindness. Use it to open your heart to loving guidance and to bring harmony into your relationships.

Emerald: Emerald promotes compassion, patience and unconditional love. It helps mother and child to bond with each other and soothes any emotions that may arise.

Please note that stones will come in either rough or tumbled form that may or may not reflect the size, colour and shape as shown in the images here on the website. Your stones will be intuitively chosen for you upon ordering. Stones are approximately 2-3cm but will vary depending on the other stones in the set. 

Carry pouch and a high quality A6 information card included.


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Mama - Crystal Set

Mama - Crystal Set