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Pink Opal Hearts - Multiple Options

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A healer of your emotions, Pink Opal helps you to release subconsciously stored pain and trauma. It balances your emotion and provides loving healing energy to the heart space. It helps to release the energy of fear, worry and anxiety and brings in a vibration of love and compassion.

There are two images per heart, the drop downs are linked to a photo of the corresponding heart. Please choose which heart you are after by choosing the drop down link.

1 – 4cm 45g
2 – 6cm 98g
3 – 5cm 72g
4 – 5.5cm 78g
5 – 6cm 124g
6 – 6cm 89g
7 – 6cm 92g
8 – 6.5cm 108g
9 – 6cm 101g
10 – 5cm 61g
11 – 5cm 48g
12 – 6cm 78g
13 – 5cm 69g
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Pink Opal Hearts - Multiple Options

Pink Opal Hearts - Multiple Options