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Plant Witchery


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Plant Witchery

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Awaken your inner healer by connecting with the wise and magickal energies of plants.

Drawn from traditional ancestral practices passed down by generations of indigenous teachers, plant whisperer and herbalist Juliet Diaz guides readers along a journey far beyond the basic medicinal and magical properties of plants in this deep dive into Mother Earth's drumming heart.

Become a powerful healer and a child of nature, learning to hear, see, and understand the sacred vibrations of plant language to heal not only yourself but our earth as well with this illustrated guide.

In Plant Witchery you will discover how to-Work with the magickal and medicinal properties of over 200 species of plants

Speak and listen to plants through powerful communication techniques

Determine properties both medicinal and magical for a collection of plants

Grow and care for plants, even how to heal them when they are dying

Create your own potions, elixirs, tinctures, oils, and spells

Dry and store herbs, plants, and flowers for medicinal and magickal workings

Choose the best times astrologically to work with different plants


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Plant Witchery - Knight Inspired

Plant Witchery