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Rainbow Fluorite Bear Carving

1 Review
1 Review

Bears are around 5cm x 3cm. We have many in stock so yours will be chosen from what we have available. These are a rough texture not smooth like the other carvings.

Rainbow Fluorite helps with organising a busy mind. It can help you to de-clutter your thoughts and is even said to help with headaches. It draws negative energies and stress away from you and also helps to boost the immune system.

It can help to enhance your memory so great for studying or if you are rushing around trying to get a million things done at once. Hands up if thats you!

Fluorite comes in an array of colors from purple, green to blue and much more. It helps contain the chaos!

Use Rainbow Fluorite to help avoid being burnt out when your head is in a spin.

Chakra: Third Eye and Heart


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Rainbow Fluorite Bear Carving

Rainbow Fluorite Bear Carving