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Rhodochrosite Point #J2

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10cm tall

Rhodochrosite allows your body, mind and spirit to embrace the ultimate feeling of unconditional love. It is a very gentle and nurturing energy that allows us to take a step back and really see what matters most in our lives. It gently guides and heals us, shows us how we can see others through the lens of love and most importantly show ourselves love and compassion. It heals inner child trauma and emotional wounds but slowly, piece by piece allowing each phase of the healing process to unfold. Like a Rose coming out to bloom. It increases feelings of self-worth and guides us to love ourselves more and more each day.

This is the exact item you will receive.

Crystal Care: When your crystal arrives it will have picked up energies from its journey and you will need to set your intentions for it to help you. Check out our Crystal Cleansing Guide


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Rhodochrosite Point #J2

Rhodochrosite Point #J2