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Rose Quartz Mini Moon

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Rose Quartz is THE stone of love. If a crystal could give you a giant bear hug that lasted what felt like forever - it would be this one. It aligns you with self appreciation, self love and universal love. 

It is connected to the Heart Chakra and helps you learn to forgive and be more compassionate towards others. 

Rose Quartz can bring in a loving partner that is aligned with your highest good, it can help repair existing relationships and help you most importantly to learn to love yourself. It is believed to relieve headaches and stress, it is a skin soothing stone which is why you will also find it as a facial roller and a good stone for mothers who are about to, or have just given birth to help on the journey of motherhood.

Approximately 3cm wide and intuitively chosen from what is available


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Rose Quartz Mini Moon

Rose Quartz Mini Moon