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Sage + Palo Santo - SMALL
Sage + Palo Santo - SMALL
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Sage + Palo Santo - SMALL

Including 1 x Californian White Sage Stick SMALL and 1 x Palo Santo Stick


Paua shell not included 

Sage: A sacred cleanser - used to purify the air and remove any negativities. Use Sage to cleanse the air after an argument or when moving into a new space. Also burn before meditating to clear the air.

Palo Santo: A sacred wood that we source from Equador, it is calming and relaxing and can be used to remove negative energy and bring in a more positive vibe.

Please note that every bundle is different, your Palo Santo stick or floral attachment will look different to the one in the images as they are all unique.

Please take these apart before burning they are meant to be used separately. 


How to use Sage (same applies for Palo Santo)

If you spend a lot of time interacting with people and having them in your space then you are naturally going to pick up on energetic debris. Burning sage is one of the oldest methods of doing so, on a scientific level - sage clears bacteria from the air. It releases negative ions which is known for making you happy! (Just like a day out at the beach in the fresh air!) On a spiritual level, sage cleanses, clears and purifies your space of all the 'bad vibes'.

How to use it - well there is no 'set way' and we kind of like you to just go with how you feel but here are just some little notes from us...

  • Be sure to have a fire proof bowl or shell (Paua is a great one) with you.
  • Light the end of the sage and hold on a 45 degree angle so it catches alight a little.
  • Blow out the burning sage and use the rising smoke to cleanse with.
  • Make sure you have a window open to let all that you want to remove flow out of the room
  • If you like, you can say aloud or silently: "I ask that the plant spirit of the sage please remove and release any negative energy from this space"
  • If using sage to cleanse your crystals then hold the crystals above the stick and wave through the smoke around 3-4 times - holding the thought that the sage is cleansing the crystal.
  • When you are done make sure you check that the sage is no longer burning and leave it in a safe place. 
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