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Septarian Spheres

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Septarian spheres

Septarian stone consists of Aragonite, limestone and calcite. It formed millions of years ago so it is a super powerful grounding stone that connects you to the beautiful energy of Mother Nature. It energises and activates the root chakra and allows energy to flow up from the earth into your system to help ground and nourish your energetic body.

It helps you to form good habits and release any not so productive ones, it protects your aura and helps to you feel safe and secure here on earth. Meditate with it to tap into the earths wisdom and years worth of changes that have unfolded. It will teach you that some things build up over time and need that time to forge into the perfect harmony.

Available in 3 different sizes 

Extra Small - 3.5cm

Small - 4cm

Medium - 4.5

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Septarian Spheres

Septarian Spheres