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Sunset Labradorite Sphere #S7

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Orange Flash / Sunset Labradorite 

Labradorite is a stone of magic, mystery and transformation. Labradorite provides your aura with a shield. Labradorite aligns the etheric and physical bodies to and helps you tap into your spiritual purpose. Labradorite will help to raise your consciousness but also keep you grounded in the physical.

Sphere is: 5cm wide

This is the exact item you will receive. No sphere stand included.

Please note that photos have been taken to show off the best flash that these have. The flashes change how they show depending on the lighting (they are always there) but it is completely down to angles and lights. So the flash may show up different in your own home. These are the flashes that are on the items but have been angled specifically to show them. 

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Sunset Labradorite Sphere #S7

Sunset Labradorite Sphere #S7