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Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Set

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Selenite: Selenite provides clarity of the mind and expanded awareness. Selenite is used to cleanse the aura and surrounding energy field. It provides both flexibility to your nature and strength to your decisions. Use Selenite to cleanse your other stones and jewellery due to its very high vibrational nature.

Rhodonite: Rhodonite encourages self-love and compassion. It helps you to achieve your greatest potential and activates the energy around your heart chakra, opening you up to loving energy from the universe. It dispels anxiety and keeps you calm during chaotic moments.

Rutile Quartz: An illuminator for the soul. It promotes spiritual growth on all levels. It energises the Aura and eliminated negative energy. Rutile Quartz helps you to get to the root of your problems and assist in personal development. 

Green Jade: Helps you to make your desires sacred and to follow your goals to build your reality. Green Jade releases limitations and grants you permission to live a limitless life of your dreams.

Kyanite: Kyanite aligns all of the chakras and has a calming effect on your body, mind and spirit. It is an ideal stone for getting into a deep meditative state, it works to dissolve anger and frustration and provides a clear head. It is self cleansing so keeps itself and other stones energetically clear.

Sets include 5 stones and a high quality printed A6 information card for your reference.


Crystal Care: When your crystal arrives it will have picked up energies from its journey and you will need to set your intentions for it to help you. Check out our Crystal Cleansing Guide


Please note that your crystals may come as a rough stone or a tumble, variations may appear in the colour and size compared to those in the photograph as all crystals are natural and unique.

This set was curated by the team at Knight Inspired, some variations between dates will appear online, hence the approximately on the card. We have also chosen the stones that feel right for us to have as part of our sets, you may find that these stones are also valid for other zodiac signs, however they are curated for our store in mind. 



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