A Guide to the Zodiac Signs & Their Crystal Allies - ARIES to VIRGO

PART ONE - Aries to Virgo

you can find - PART TWO - Libra to Aquarius here very soon

In the vast expanse of the universe, the 12 zodiac signs play a crucial role in shaping our personalities, guiding our decisions, and influencing our way of life. Each sign, with its unique set of characteristics, forms a distinct blueprint for our individual journeys. As we delve into the world of astrology, we gain insights into how these celestial forces impact us on a personal level, offering clarity and direction.

This blog aims to be your guide through the zodiac, highlighting not only the fundamental aspects of each sign but also introducing a curated selection of crystals designed to resonate with and enhance the innate qualities of each astrological archetype. These crystal sets are meticulously chosen to support your spiritual growth, balance your energies, and connect you more deeply with the cosmic rhythm.

As we journey from Aries to Pisces, we'll explore the attributes that define each sign, the time of the year they rule, their governing planets, and the elements they fall under. This exploration is not just about understanding the traits associated with your sun sign; it's an opportunity to uncover the layers of your personality, discover new strengths, and embrace your true self.

To make this journey even more personal and introspective, we've included affirmations and journal prompts for each sign. These tools are designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom, reflect on your life's path, and empower you to take steps that align with your highest self. 

Where does the Zodiac Calendar start?

The zodiac calendar begins with Aries, marking the start of the astrological new year, which is aligned with the vernal equinox, usually around March 21st. This timing is significant, as it represents the moment when the day and night are of equal length, symbolizing balance and a fresh start. Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, embodies the spirit of beginnings, pioneering energy, and new life. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which starts on January 1st, the astrological calendar is deeply connected to celestial movements and the natural cycles of the Earth. This alignment with the equinox and the start of spring in the northern hemisphere reflects the renewal of the earth and the beginning of the astrological cycle. The choice to start the zodiac with Aries underscores the importance of natural rhythms and cosmic patterns in astrology, emphasizing a holistic view of time that resonates with the cycles of nature and the universe.

But we live in the Southern Hemisphere?

In the southern hemisphere, the equinox signifies a time of balance before transitioning into a period of inner reflection, harvest, and preparation for the winter months ahead. This mirrors the pioneering spirit of Aries, which is about taking bold steps and initiating change, themes that are universally relevant regardless of the external environment. The energy of Aries encourages action and courage, qualities that are essential for personal growth and development in any season.

Moreover, the astrological calendar, with its roots in celestial movements rather than earthly seasons, offers a global framework for understanding human behavior and natural cycles. The universal nature of astrological symbols and signs means that they can be adapted to reflect the lived experience of individuals worldwide, including those in the southern hemisphere. The start of the zodiac year with Aries reminds us of the constant interplay between light and darkness, activity and rest, no matter where we are on Earth, encouraging a harmonious balance between external actions and internal reflection.

The first 6 signs - Aries to Virgo

you can find - PART TWO - Libra to Aquarius here

Below we will dive into the first 6 signs, their dates, elements, ruling planets, key traits, crystals we recommend (please note these are our selections not a hard and fast rule of the ONLY crystals for each sign) as well as affirmations and some journal prompts tailored to each sign.

crystals for aries


Dates: March 21 - April 19         Element: Fire        Ruling Planet: Mars

Key Traits: Courageous, Energetic, Pioneering

Crystals we recommend for Aries are Bloodstone, Hematite, Red Jasper & Carnelian.

Bloodstone is particularly beneficial for Aries, as it channels their robust energy in a balanced manner, fostering endurance and vitality while mitigating impulsiveness. Red Jasper, with its deep connection to the Earth's grounding force, enhances Aries' inherent courage and stimulates their energy, encouraging a sense of stability in their ventures. Carnelian, a stone of leadership and courage, aligns with Aries' natural inclination towards leadership, boosting their confidence and empowering them to manifest their ambitions. Lastly, Hematite serves as an anchoring force for Aries' bold energy, providing a grounding effect that supports their nervous system and helps in maintaining emotional and spiritual equilibrium. 

You can find our Crystal Set for Aries Here

crystals for aries

Affirmations for Aries

  1. "I harness my energy and passion with intention and purpose, leading my path with courage and confidence."

  2. "I embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, knowing that every step forward is a step towards achieving my dreams."

  3. "My boldness is my strength. I assert myself in a balanced way, respecting my boundaries and those of others."

Journal Prompts for Aries

  1. "Reflect on a recent situation where you took the lead. What strengths did you bring to the table, and what did you learn about your leadership style?"

  2. "Consider a time when your energy was especially high. How did you channel this energy, and what outcome did it lead to? Could you have approached it differently for a better result?"

  3. "Think about your personal goals for the coming year. What are the biggest challenges you anticipate facing, and how can you prepare now to meet them with your characteristic courage and resilience?"

crystals for taurus 


April 20 - May 20.     Element: Earth.     Ruling Planet: Venus

Key Traits: Reliable, Grounded, Practical

Crystals we recommend for Taurus are Flower Agate, Green Jade, Rose Quartz & Rhodonite

For those born under the sign of Taurus this selection is curated to resonate deeply with their earthy and sensual nature, enhancing their innate qualities and supporting their journey towards fulfilment. Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, nurtures Taurus' need for self-love and offers comfort during times of emotional healing, aligning with their desire for harmony and beauty in their surroundings. Flower Agate, a stone of growth and potential, mirrors the persistent and determined spirit of Taurus, encouraging them to bloom into their fullest potential and embrace the journey of personal development. Green Jade, a symbol of prosperity and peace, complements Taurus' affinity for stability and material security, attracting abundance while promoting a deep sense of peace and contentment in their lives. Lastly, Rhodonite serves as a balancing stone for Taurus, especially when they encounter emotional turbulence, providing them with a grounding energy that fosters emotional resilience and stability. Together, these crystals offer a supportive and enriching toolkit, perfectly attuned to Taurus' values and aspirations, guiding them towards a path of balanced emotional well-being and material abundance.
crystals for taurus

Affirmations for Taurus

  1. "I am worthy of love and prosperity, and I attract both into my life with ease and grace."

  2. "I embrace growth and change, knowing that they are the path to realizing my full potential and achieving my deepest desires."

  3. "My inner peace is a reflection of my stability and security, and I cultivate these values in every aspect of my life."

Journal Prompts for Taurus

  1. "Reflect on a recent experience where you felt a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. What elements contributed to this feeling, and how can you incorporate more of that into your daily life?"

  2. "Consider the areas of your life where you're seeking growth or change. What practical steps can you take to move closer to your goals, and how can your natural persistence support you in this journey?"

  3. "Think about what 'security' means to you in both material and emotional terms. How do you balance the pursuit of material wealth with the cultivation of inner peace and stability?"


crystals for gemini


May 21 - June 20    Element: Air    Ruling Planet: Mercury

Key Traits: Communicative, Intellectual, Adaptable

Crystals we chose for Gemini are Serpentine, Agate, Blue Apatite and Emerald.

For the intellectually curious and socially vibrant Gemini, the selection of Agate, Serpentine, Blue Apatite, and Emerald as companion crystals is designed to harmonize with their dynamic energy and support their multifaceted nature. Agate stands out as an essential stone for Gemini, known for its ability to enhance mental function and provide stability, it helps in anchoring the often fluctuating energy of Gemini. Serpentine, with its powerful connection to emotional equilibrium, aids Geminis in maintaining balanced decision-making processes, allowing for a harmonious blend of heart and mind in navigating life's choices. Blue Apatite deepens this balance by enhancing Gemini's intuitive side, providing a counterbalance to their dominant intellectualism and encouraging a holistic approach to understanding. Finally Emerald bolsters Gemini's natural communicative prowess, enhancing their ability to express themselves clearly and boosting mental clarity. Together, these crystals offer a comprehensive toolkit that not only complements Gemini's vibrant personality but also supports their continuous quest for growth, understanding, and balance.

You can find our Crystal Set for Gemini Here

crystals for gemini


Affirmations for Gemini

  1. "I embrace the power of my words and thoughts, using them to create positive change and connect deeply with others."

  2. "I am a harmonious blend of intuition and intellect, making balanced decisions that reflect my true self."

  3. "My mind is open to new ideas and perspectives, allowing me to grow and adapt with grace."

Journal Prompts for Gemini

  1. "Reflect on a recent conversation that had a significant impact on you. What did it teach you about the power of communication and your ability to connect with others?"

  2. "Consider a decision you're currently facing. Write about how you can balance your intellectual analysis with your gut feelings to come to a more holistic conclusion."

  3. "Think about a topic or skill you've been wanting to learn more about. How can you incorporate this into your daily life, and what steps will you take to explore this new interest?"


crystals for cancer



June 21 - July 22.    Element: Water.     Ruling Planet: The Moon

KEY TRAITS: Emotional, Nurturing, Intuitive

Crystals we have chosen to support Cancer Zodiac are Moonstone, Selenite, Blue Calcite and Chrysocolla.

For the deeply intuitive and emotionally rich sign of Cancer, the selection of Moonstone, Selenite, Blue Calcite, and Chrysocolla as guiding crystals is particularly resonant, offering support and enhancement to their natural tendencies. Moonstone, with its strong connection to the moon, mirrors Cancer's own lunar influence, enhancing intuition and fostering a deeper emotional understanding that is at the heart of Cancer's nature. Selenite, known for its clarity and purity, aligns perfectly with Cancer's connection to the Moon, providing mental clarity and cleansing the aura, thus deepening their innate lunar connection. Blue Calcite comes in as a soothing presence, its gentle energy calms and cleanses Cancer’s energy field, providing a sanctuary for their sensitive soul. Lastly, Chrysocolla offers a profound source of comfort and stability for Cancers, especially when their emotions threaten to overwhelm them, its soothing energy helps maintain a sense of calm and equilibrium. 

You can find our Crystal Set for Cancer here


crystals for cancer

Affirmations for Cancer

  1. "I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me towards emotional strength and understanding."

  2. "I am surrounded by peace and love, and I radiate these energies outward."

  3. "I embrace my emotions as a source of strength and use them to connect deeply with the world around me."

Journal Prompts for Cancer

  1. "Reflect on a moment when your intuition led you to make a positive decision. How did it feel to trust this inner guidance, and what was the outcome?"

  2. "Consider a recent emotional challenge you faced. Write about how you navigated through it and what you learned about your emotional resilience."

  3. "Think about your relationships with others. How do your emotions play a role in these connections, and how can you use them to foster deeper understanding and empathy?"

crystals for Leo


July 23 - August 22.     Element: Fire.     Ruling Planet: The Sun

Key Traits: Charismatic, Creative, Confident

The crystals we have curated for Leo are Black Onyx, Sunstone, Pyrite and Fire Agate. 

For the vibrant and charismatic Leo, the selection of Sunstone, Pyrite, Black Onyx, and Fire Agate as companion crystals is finely attuned to their fiery spirit, enhancing their natural qualities and supporting their royal journey. Sunstone, with its warm, radiant energy, mirrors the sun's brightness—Leo's ruling celestial body—encouraging creativity and amplifying positivity, which aligns perfectly with Leo's sunny disposition and zest for life. Pyrite, known as a stone of prosperity and motivation, bolsters Leo's confidence and magnifies their inherent leadership qualities, reflecting their natural ability to inspire and lead others. Black Onyx provides a foundation of strength and support for Leo, offering a grounding energy that balances their exuberance with stability and protects their energetic space. Fire Agate, resonating with the element of fire itself, fuels Leo's ambition, drive, and determination, igniting their passion and perseverance in pursuing their goals. Together, these stones create a powerful synergy that complements Leo's dynamic personality, supporting their path to self-expression, leadership, and achievement with the grounding and empowering energies they need to shine brightly.

You can find our Crystal Set for Leo here


Affirmations for Leo

  1. "I radiate confidence, creativity, and warmth, attracting positivity and success into my life."

  2. "My leadership is guided by compassion and strength, inspiring those around me to reach their highest potential."

  3. "I embrace my personal power and ambition with a balanced heart, moving forward with courage and determination."

Journal Prompts for Leo

  1. "Reflect on a situation where your leadership made a difference. What qualities did you bring to the situation, and how did it impact others?"

  2. "Consider a creative project or endeavor you're passionate about. How can you use your natural talents to bring this vision to life, and what steps will you take to achieve it?"

  3. "Think about a recent challenge you faced. How did you use your strength and confidence to overcome it, and what did you learn about yourself in the process?"

crystals for virgo


August 23 - September 22    Element: Earth.   Ruling Planet: Mercury

Key Traits: Analytical, Meticulous, Helpful

Crystals we recommend for Virgo are Sodalite, Moss Agate, Green Aventurine and Amazonite. 

For the detail-oriented and analytical Virgo, the selection of Moss Agate, Amazonite, Sodalite, and Green Aventurine provides a harmonious complement to their inherent qualities. Moss Agate, with its grounding energy, aligns perfectly with Virgo's nature, offering stability and a deep connection to the earth that enhances their practical and organized approach to life. Amazonite brings a sense of calm and balance, particularly valuable for Virgos when their minds become overwhelmed with the pursuit of perfection. It helps soothe anxiety and promotes emotional harmony. Sodalite, known for its ability to enhance intellectual processing and analytical thinking, supports Virgo's natural inclination towards analysis and problem-solving, streamlining their thoughts and ideas for clearer decision-making. Lastly, Green Aventurine encourages personal growth and aids in decision-making, resonating with Virgo's continuous quest for improvement and their meticulous planning. Together, these stones support Virgo's journey towards balance, clarity, and growth, offering energies that complement their diligent pursuit of personal and professional excellence.
crystals for virgo

Affirmations for Virgo

  1. "I trust in the process of life and release the need for perfection, embracing my journey with grace and flexibility."

  2. "My attention to detail and dedication to improvement are sources of strength, not stress."

  3. "I am grounded and balanced, my mind is clear, and I make decisions with confidence and wisdom."

Journal Prompts for Virgo

  1. "Reflect on a recent situation where your meticulous nature was an asset. How did it feel to see your efforts come to fruition, and what did you learn about balancing perfectionism with productivity?"

  2. "Consider a moment when you felt overwhelmed by the need for perfection. Write about strategies you can employ to ease this pressure and focus on progress instead."

  3. "Think about an area in your life where you're seeking improvement. How can you approach this goal with a sense of balance and self-compassion, acknowledging your efforts and growth?"

Part TWO Libra - Aquarius can be found here very soon...

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