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Our vision for Knight Inspired is to empower our customers to connect with themselves, to trust their intuition and to find answers within, with the support of the mystical and new age tools we showcase. We inspire mindfulness, empowerment, healing, inner wisdom and connection, and we encourage our community to embrace their own unique spiritual journeys. Lots of love & good vibes Kimi & Steph


What you seek is seeking you...

This calendar was deeply inspired by the moon, and created with love to help you connect with the universe through moon phases and intention setting. Connecting with the power of the moon and flowing with the phases can help you to get in touch with your divine feminine energy, your subconscious mind, your intuition and emotions. Each month features a zodiac artwork, moon phases, celestial events, affirmations, and intention setting space. Hang the calendar on your wall and write your intentions down each month to inspire action and facilitate manifestation.

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