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Protection is important right? You get up, put on your clothes, shoes, protect yourself from the elements. So why not protect your energetic system as well?

It's something we often forget about because its not something you can see, its only when you can feel your system being worn down and infiltrated, and if you are sensitive enough to notice it, then you do something about it.

We often get asked how you can protect your energy field and your home with crystals. Here are some of our favourite go-to crystals that we like to suggest to people.

Whether you like to believe in the power of crystals (we sure do) or not, they will work best for you if you treat them like an ally and not a servant! So if you'd like to kick those toxic vibes back to where they came from, read on...

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Hands down our number one crystal for protection is Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline has earned the nickname 'The Crystal Bodyguard' well in our eyes it has. It always has your back, its not too overpowering and you can spread it around everywhere for a bit of back up. 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding and protection stone that is often referred to as your crystal bodyguard. It acts as a a shield to deflect and absorb negative energies, emotional vampires, and destructive forces. Black Tourmaline can guard against radiation and EMF frequencies and is highly useful in dissolving your negative thoughts and patterns.Black Tourmaline opens, activates, and heals the Root Chakra. A powerful protector against negative energy, carry it with you to increase self confidence and alleviate fear.

You can carry Black Tourmaline with you, place it around your home at your front door to stop the negativity leaving or in the corners of your house. Use them with intention that they will be providing protection. Don't forget to cleanse them every now in then or after a few visitors and the vibes feel off. 


Pyrite is next up, often referred to as Fool's Gold. But don't let that put you off, Pyrite is a big-time detoxifier and is excellent at protection against EMF. 

Pyrite is a powerful protector against all forms of negative vibrations and EMF radiation, it draws energy up from the earth and creates a defensive shield around you. Pyrite is an excellent stone for manifestation, it works to draw high-frequency energy into your physical body, and then uses that to take action in creating abundance in your life. Pyrite helps you to see beyond your fears and determine what is your truth and what is not. A stone of mental clarity and creativity.

Place Pyrite around your home for widespread protection especially against technology.

pyrite crystal nz


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is like an energetic filter. It takes in the negativity, transmutes it and releases it as positive. It is a very hard worker in the sense of energetic processing. 

Smoky Quartz will gently centre you in the present moment, while protecting and grounding your energy. It allows you to flow with life and accept when change needs to happen in order to move forward. Smoky Quartz dissolves and filters negative energies and emotional blockages, allowing positive frequencies to take their place. A gentle healer, Smoky Quartz brings a sense of stability to your life and anchors you to the earth by activating and working with your Root Chakra.

How to use Smoky Quartz? Carry a piece in your pocket for on-the-go crystal protection, pop one on your desk or wear it as a pendant.



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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye helps you to direct your energy towards your goals and leaves you feeling motivated and confident. A stone of courage it fills you with a powerful inner strength and a sense of purpose. It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting you to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Tiger's Eye brings a sense of purpose, courage and self-confidence. It will protect your energy from negativity and deflects unwanted vibrations.

Wear Tiger's Eye as a bracelet and carry it with you for Tiger like strength and protection.

Tigers Eye Crystals NZ


The ultimate grounding stone, Hematite leaves you  feeling stable and calm. It creates a balance between your ethereal and physical nervous systems. Hematite is a powerful grounding stone, it can release blockages of energy you may be holding on to, also known as a powerful protector. It will ground and balance your energy. Hematite has an intense but subtle vibration.

You will find when you are balanced and grounded it leaves you in a better headspace to think about how to manage your energy field. Hematite also shields you from unwanted negativity from others around you. 

Carry a piece of Hematite in your pocket or in your car.

Hematite Crystal NZ




A mystical stone that brings you to new levels of awareness, it provides energetic and spiritual protection and assists you with connecting to your team in spirit. A stone of transformation, it balances your aura and grounds your spiritual energy. It is an excellent stone for strengthening your spiritual abilities and trusting your inner guidance, it helps remove your fears and insecurities. Labradorite is a stone of magic that reminds you that everything happens for a reason.

Meditate with Labradorite to tap into the guidance of your team in spirit and download any information you may need on taking care of your energetic protection system.

Labradorite Crystals NZ


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