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Crystals are excellent little friends to have in your toolkit, they help you on an energetic level, and while we do disclaim that if you are feeling unwell to go see your preferred medical professional, it is also nice to have the support of alternative methods too.

Here are some crystals that we recommend for health and wellness:

Bloodstone: Bloodstone grounds you fully in your body, in the here and now. It is said to increase your intuition and creativity. Bloodstone reduces irritability and impatience, and it calms and revitalises the mind. Bloodstone is a powerful detoxifying and healing stone, especially when it comes to blood related issues and it helps to protect your cells. A protective stone that will help ground your energy to the Earth to transmute anything negative you may be experiencing.

We recommend working with Bloodstone when you are feeling like you need to detox and shift stagnant energy in your life.

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Shungite: Shungite has been scientifically proven to absorb and neutralise EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). And with the modern age of technology these are increasing in everyones daily lives. EMFs can be emitted from things such as computers, WiFi routers, cell towers etc. Shungite can be worn or placed next to devices to protect your auric field. Shungite detoxes your aura and releases unhealthy attachments. It grounds you back into your body, connects you deeply to the Earth and helps you to create a solid foundation in your life. It opens, heals and activates all 7 Chakras.
We recommend working with Shungite to protect against EMF / 5G radiation, to release what no longer serves you and to ground your energy so you feel steady to take on whatever is required in order to get back to full health.
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Clear Quartz: 

Often referred to as The Master Healer, Clear Quartz is a versatile and powerful healing stone. Its unique structure allows it to cleanse, heal and raise your vibration to the highest possible level. It helps to balance your Chakras and align you with the energy of your highest self. Clear Quartz amplifies your intentions as well as the energy of other stones around it. Use Clear Quartz to enhance your meditation practice, connect with your angels and guides, heal and protect your energy and much more.

We recommend using Clear Quartz as an amplifying stone to boost the properties of the other crystals you are working with, whether this is side by side in your pocket or even in crystal grids. Even standalone, Clear Quartz is an incredible healer and will cleanse, clear and align your energy with your inherent divine nature and original state of health and wellness.

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Malachite:  A powerful heart healer, Malachite helps you to clear painful memories from the past and makes way for new, loving energy to flow in. A stone of transformation that will gently show you what is blocking your growth and the ways you can work through it. Malachite helps you to overcome fears of confrontation and will soothe any depressive or anxious thoughts that may be present in your life. It promotes friendship, love and feelings of empathy while encouraging healthy boundaries at the same time.

We recommend working with Malachite to support yourself through times of transformation, from unwell to well. From dealing with bumps in the road to easier flowing times, Malachite is a really powerful heart healing stone that is so nurturing and supportive.

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Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz works to gently remove negativity from your system and replace it with the energies of self-love, kindness and compassion. It reminds you to love yourself unconditionally, to let go of worry, to trust yourself and to lean into those that are here to support you. It brings calm, clarity and harmony to your emotions. Rose Quartz is a stone of gentle love that works well to heal and expand your Heart and Crown Chakras.

We say to work with Rose Quartz as an ultimate stone of uplifting and support, it reminds you to love yourself through all of your challenging times, it gently holds your heart space and nourishes your energy field.

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Other stones we highly recommend and a quick overview of their energetic properties for wellness.

Amethyst : A crystal to work with you when experiencing headaches

Moonstone: A crystal to work with you when experiencing menstrual pain and emotional imbalance

Carnelian: A crystal to work with when experiencing fatigue 

How to use your healing crystals?

  • Meditate with them
  • Carry them in a cotton pouch in your pocket or against your skin
  • Keep them under your pillow or close to your bedside, but if they are disrupting your sleep be sure to move them further away

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