Exploring Oracle Cards: A Beginner's Guide to Intuition and Insight

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Why work with Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a powerful tool for tapping into intuition and gaining insight into various aspects of life. While they might seem similar to tarot cards at first glance, oracle cards offer a distinct approach to divination that's perfect for beginners. In this guide, we'll explore the differences between oracle and tarot cards, why oracle cards are great for beginners, and how to use them effectively for personal growth and guidance.

Oracle Cards - A Beginners Guide - Work Your Light

Understanding the Difference:

Oracle cards and tarot cards are often grouped together, but they have key differences. While tarot decks follow a structured system with specific meanings for each card, oracle decks are more diverse and flexible. Oracle cards are typically themed around different aspects of life, such as angels, animals or elements. This structure allows for more intuitive interpretation and personal connection with your higher self.

Why Oracle Cards Are Great for Beginners:

Oracle cards are perfect for beginners because they offer a more approachable  experience compared to tarot. With oracle cards, there's no need to memorise complex meanings or adhere to any rules about spreads, reverse cards (unless the guidebook also includes this) or structure. Instead, beginners can trust their intuition and interpret the cards based on their own feelings , imagery on the deck and experiences. This makes oracle cards ideal for those who are new to card reading or prefer a more intuitive approach.

How to use Oracle Cards

How to choose your deck:

Choosing a deck that resonates with you is a deeply personal process. Take your time exploring different decks, either in person or online, and pay attention to your gut feelings and intuitive reactions. Look for imagery, themes, and artwork that speaks to your soul and sparks your curiosity. Consider how the deck's energy feels to you and whether it aligns with your intentions and spiritual path. Remember, you don't need someone else to gift you a deck in order to use it. While receiving a deck as a gift can be a special experience, it's perfectly valid to choose and purchase a deck for yourself. Trust your intuition and choose a deck that feels right for you, knowing that the connection you forge with your cards is what truly matters.

Cleansing Your Deck and Setting Intentions:

Before using your oracle cards, it's important to cleanse them of any lingering energy and set clear intentions for their use. This can be done through rituals such as smudging with sage, visualising white light surrounding the deck, or simply stating your intentions aloud. Cleansing and intention setting help attune the cards to your energy and ensure clear, accurate readings.

Oracle Cards NZ how to use them

Protecting Your Energy:

Before pulling cards, it's also essential to protect your energy to make sure you are receiving messages only from a pure and divine source, and it creates a sacred space for your practice. This can be done through grounding techniques, meditation, or visualising a protective shield around yourself. By setting boundaries and protecting your energy, you create a safe and conducive environment for connecting with your intuition. 

An example of energy protection before you begin:

"Close your eyes and take a deep breath, centering yourself in the present moment. Visualise a radiant golden light surrounding you, forming a protective bubble extending from your heart outward. Feel this light filling you with warmth, love, and positivity, shielding you from any negative or unwanted energies. As you breathe, imagine this golden bubble growing stronger and brighter, creating a barrier of light that deflects negativity and keeps you safe and grounded. Hold this visualisation for a few moments, soaking in the comforting embrace of the golden light. When you're ready, open your eyes, knowing that you are surrounded by the protective power of your own divine energy."

OR if you don't feel like doing a visualisation you can instead say aloud something like this...

"I am surrounded by divine light and love, protecting me from all negative energies and influences. My energy field is strong and impenetrable, allowing only love and positivity to flow towards me. I am safe, grounded, and protected in this present moment."

Shuffling Your Cards:

Shuffling is an important step in using oracle cards, as it helps to infuse your energy into the deck and mix up the cards for an intuitive selection. There are many ways to shuffle oracle cards, from traditional riffle shuffling to gentle mixing or even simply spreading them out on the floor and putting them all back into a pile at random. Find a method that feels comfortable and natural for you.

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How many cards to pull? 

How many cards you pull is totally up to you, usually the guidebooks for the deck offer guidance on simple card spreads. But first lets focus on pulling just one card...

One-card pulls offer a valuable opportunity for daily guidance and reflection. By pulling a single card each day, you can tune into the energy of the present moment and gain insights into what the day may hold. This practice encourages mindfulness and self-awareness, helping you stay grounded and focused as you navigate life's ups and downs. Additionally, one-card pulls provide a manageable way to connect with your intuition on a regular basis, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Whether seeking clarity, inspiration, or encouragement, a daily card pull can serve as a powerful tool for personal growth and empowerment.

An example of a three card spread

Three-card spreads offer a more in-depth look at past, present, and future influences or different aspects of a situation. Experiment with different spreads to find what works best for you. Here is an example that we like to use.

Card 1: Spiritual Strengths & Gifts

To reveal the spiritual strengths, innate gifts, and blessings you currently possess. This card reflects the positive energies surrounding you, your unique abilities, and the divine support that guides you.

Card 2: Spiritual Challenges & Lessons

To identify the current spiritual challenges or obstacles that are part of your growth process. This card encourages you to look at difficulties as opportunities for spiritual development and learning.

 Card 3: Wisdom of the Heart

Offering guidance, comfort, or affirmation from your highest self. This card taps into the profound wisdom residing within you, guiding you towards actions and thoughts that are in harmony with your soul's desires.

Frequency of Card Pulls:

There's no set rule for how often to pull cards, as it ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. Some people pull cards daily for guidance and inspiration, while others may only do so on special occasions or when facing important decisions. Trust your intuition and pull cards whenever you feel called to do so, knowing that the wisdom of the cards is always available to you.

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Journal Prompts and Reflection:

After a card spread, a good idea can be to take time to journal about your insights, feelings, and interpretations. Journal prompts can help deepen your understanding of the cards and their relevance to your life. Some prompts to consider include: What emotions or thoughts does this card evoke? How does it relate to my current situation? What action steps can I take based on this guidance?

Storing Your Cards:

Proper storage is essential for keeping your oracle cards safe and energetically clear. Store them in a dedicated pouch, box, or cloth wrap when not in use, and avoid storing them near electronics or other sources of electromagnetic energy. Regularly cleanse and bless your deck to keep the energy fresh and vibrant.

Reading for Others:

Once you feel comfortable with your oracle cards, you may want to share their wisdom with others by offering readings. Approach reading for others with respect, compassion, and integrity, and always ask for permission before pulling cards on someone else's behalf. Remember that you are simply a conduit for the messages of the cards, and it's up to the individual to interpret and apply the guidance they receive.

Oracle cards are a beautiful and empowering tool for accessing intuition, gaining insight, and navigating life's journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, oracle cards offer a flexible and intuitive approach to divination that can deepen your connection to yourself and the universe.

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