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Fluorite: A crystal to clear your energy and your mind

Fluorite is an incredibly spectacular crystal, in our opinion anyway. It comes in shades of green, blue, purple all the way to yellow. Often referred to as Rainbow Fluorite if it consists of multiple colour bands. Fluorite is a crystal you want to keep on you when you feel like your mind is getting a little overloaded and needs a bit of an organise. It also helps you to make decisions with discernment and to view situations impartially.

The paragraph we have for Fluorite on our crystals on our website is this: 

"Fluorite helps to organise a busy & chaotic mind. It sparks your imagination and reminds you that the answers you seek always lie within. It clears stress and confusion and helps you to focus on your goals and intentions. Fluorite helps to calm racing thoughts and works to cleanse your aura to help your energy flow freely. It also draws negative energies and stress away from you and is also said to help boost your immune system."

When you would want to use Fluorite?

You would want to turn to Fluorite when

  • You are needing to concentrate and study
  • You want to clear stress away and calm a chaotic mind
  • You want your energy field feeling more balanced and aligned
  • You need a stabilising energy in your life
  • You need to get organised, tick off a to-do list or focus on the task at hand.
  • You need to boost your creativity

Please do not create an elixir with Fluorite or purchase it in a crystal drink bottle as it is toxic.

Where to keep Fluorite?

  • On your desk
  • In your pocket as a tumbled stone or palm stone
  • Wear as a special piece of jewellery, pendant or a bracelet

How to cleanse and care for your Fluorite?

We suggest referring to our How to cleanse your crystals free PDF guide - with Fluorite most of these cleansing methods would work well, just do not leave it in the sun for too long as it may fade.

Fluorite is a relatively soft stone and will scratch easily so be sure to keep it away from other sharp crystal clusters or items that may scratch it surface. 

Not so fun story:

When our crystal shop was much smaller we had all of our Fluorite sitting under the shelf of Amethyst, one day the shelf became unbalanced and all of the Amethyst fell down onto the Fluorite level. Safe to say it was VERY scratched and dented after that - lesson learnt! Secure the shelves!! 

Where is Fluorite found?

Fluorite is predominately found in China, Mexico and South Africa

Fluorite Crystal Tumble stone from Knight Inspired The Crystal Shop
If you want to pick out your own special piece of Fluorite you can visit us at 24 Hillary Square, Orewa - The Crystal Shop

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