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Full Moon in Aquarius

August 2nd 2023 

6:31am NZT

The full moon in Aquarius encourages you to look at the bigger picture, it invites you to gather with your soul tribe, the ones who understand the depths of your Soul. It reminds you that on your own you can't get everything done but when you work together you can achieve so much more. Share your strengths, lean on others to assist you and remember we are all in this together. The Full Moon in Aquarius reminds you that we all have something valuable to offer, that you are just one drop in the collective ocean. We all came here with a purpose, we each have our own reason for being here and we are all part of the bigger picture in raising the vibration of the planet. 

You can use this time to really transform stuck energy.

Journal Prompts / Card Pull Questions.

  • How can I release in order to expand
  • How can I work together with those around me to be of service to the collective, or how can I bring those around me together?
  • What do I feel my greatest strengths are, how can I continue to work on or towards these.

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