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Understanding the Significance of the Full Moon in Aries

29 Sep 2023 10:58pm NZ Time

The Full Moon in Aries September 2023 brings with it a fiery energy and an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. A time to release but also a time to take charge, to set intentions and embrace your authentic self. Below are some tips on harnessing Full Moon energy for this month.

Ritual Ideas for the Full Moon in Aries

A Fire Meditation: As Aries is a fire sign (and if you have access to it) light a candle or sit in-front of an outdoor fire. Focus on your intentions of what you to release and visualise the flames burning them up and transmuting them to energy that the upper realms can absorb and take care of for you. Ask for assistance from the Fire Elementals when working with flames. Thank them for their help in burning away what no longer serves you.

Journal Prompts for the Full Moon in Aries

  • What am I ready to release in order to make space for new beginnings?
  • What courageous goals do I want to set for this next lunar cycle?
  • How can I embrace my inner-warrior, what are some small steps I can take each day to step towards my goals for the rest of the year?
  • What are some things that I can do to express my authentic self more boldly?

Affirmation for the Full Moon in Aries

"I am empowered, confident and in control"

Crystals for the Full Moon in Aries

Each of these crystals resonates with the energy of Aries especially during the full moon, you can use them when intention setting, writing things to release or to enhance your spiritual rituals.

Carnelian, Hematite, Garnet, Fire Agate, Citrine & Red Jasper.

We also have a Crystal Set for Aries that you can work with too and for more crystals and other spiritual tools for any time of the year have a look around the shop.

For all of the upcoming Lunar Phases for 2023 and 2024 we use the

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