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Full Moon in Pisces

August 31st 2023 

1:35pm NZT

This is our second full moon for the month of August making this a Blue Moon, (this is where the term ‘once in a blue moon’ comes from). As well as this is is also a Super Moon, meaning hello amplified energy! Even more-so than usual…

So ready yourself to shift your stagnant energy and emotional debris that is laying dormant in your system and that no longer serves you, your intuition will be heightened and your psychic senses amplified so it is a great time to do some deep inner work to clear your way through some things that have been holding you back. Embrace what makes you feel free and release the limitations you have set on yourself. 

It can often be hard to know where you are going or what you should be doing, what your path is and what journey you should be on. We often feel we are being directed and influenced by other people or social media, trying to keep up with everyone else. But at the end of the day, you came here to be YOU. At whatever pace or path that may be. Surrender to the flow, stop fighting it - as hard as that may seem sometimes. It might be something you hear all the time but seriously, listen to your heart.

This full moon is about remembering YOUR divine connection to the Universe, trusting YOUR path and releasing expectations of what it SHOULD look like.

The full moon in Pisces will help you to integrate all aspects of yourself instead of feeling like you are changing hats depending on what you are doing at the time. 

“You can be as mindful and aware of your body when you are at work as you are during a yoga asana. You can post on social media with the same level of intention and vulnerability as writing a letter to your loved one…” - Moon Power, Marilyn Keskula-Drummond.

Journal Prompts / Card Pull Questions

  • What do I feel is currently holding me back from honouring my true self?
  • When I listen to my heart, what matters most to me?
  • When do I feel my connection to the divine / universe / god / source is strongest?
  • How can I integrate aspects of my TRUE SELF into more facets of my life?

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