Help! My Crystal Broke! Now What? - Knight Inspired

Crystals unfortunately do break! Sometimes it might seem like an ‘accident’ but hey, when is anything ever an accident.

Crystals can break for a few reasons and its not a bad thing either!

A crystal breaking can signify that it’s job is done, it has taken on, transmuted and done all of the work that it needs to do with you.

Breaking can mean the job or contract with you is complete.

A crystal breaking in two can also mean that half of it is to be passed on to a friend. Hold the pieces in your hand and see if anyone you know comes to mind, they might think its a little strange handing them half a crystal but just tell them the Universe told you so.

A crystal breaking in two can also mean that it needs to be in two areas of your house, and hey why buy another one when you’ve got one that wants to multitask for you. And sometimes it can mean that half of it needs to be returned to the Earth.

The best thing you can do is sit with the broken stone and ask what, where or who it needs to go to. Trust your intutition, the answer you get will be the right one!

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