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Becoming a Crystal Guardian is a special thing, and we need to take care of our crystals to care for and nurture their energy as we would our own.
Crystals invite us to check in with the deeper parts of ourselves that we may not often reach. Crystals allow us to settle, to check in and to become aware that there is more going on than meets the eye. They are innately intuitive, have their own frequency they vibrate to and are very special tools that assist us on our healing and ascension journey.
How do Crystals work?
Each crystal vibrates at its own frequency, and when they are near us, they have a rebalancing effect on our own energy field. That is also why there are so many crystals for so many different purposes, as they all buzz away to their own little tune. Crystals clear energy that does not serve us, bring us into harmony with our own selves, remove blocks and work their magic. 
how to cleanse your crystals

How do I Cleanse my Crystals?

Crystals are sensitive beings who, just like us, often need an energetic refresh when they are low on energy or have been woring hard or travelling to new locations. here are some methods we recommend to cleanse your crystals.

how to cleanse your crystals


How to cleanse your crystals

The Element of Water: This can either be done in a natural body of water (be sure to be cautious when using salty sea water, as it will damage some types of crystals) or under tap water is also fine. Hold your crystals under the flow of the water or swirl them around. Ask the water to help cleanse any unwanted energy off the crystals. Keep them there until you feel the job is done.  Crystals to not use in water include Selenite, Peacock Ore, Pyrite and lots more. Please do your research.

how to cleanse your crystals

Sacred Smoke | The Element of Air – Using Palo Santo, White Sage or other smudging blends, you can clear the energy off your crystal with the smoke that is produced from burning then extinguishing these items. Scientific studies have shown that White Sage can remove up to 94% of bacteria from the air, and it also releases negative ions, which are linked to putting you in a good mood. Hold your crystal above the rising smoke. Ask the spirit of the smudging blend with good intentions and gratitude to help you cleanse any unwanted energy off the crystal, and move your crystal through the smoke back and forth. Around 4 times should do it, or until you feel the job is done. Thank the spirit of Sage / Palo Santo when you are finished.

how to cleanse your crystals

Visualisation: Visualisation is actually a far more powerful tool than people realise. To implement this, hold your crystals in your hands, connect to your breath and imagine a golden or white light pouring over your crown chakra. This light flows down through your head, through your heart and down through your arms. It then filters through your hands, creating a bubble of cleansing energy around your stones. Hold it for as long as you feel necessary. Ask the light to remove any negative energies and to clear the stones for use for your highest good. Imagine the ‘used’ bubble then floating off and down into the earth where the energies can be transmuted, be sure to thank Mother Nature for her help. You then want to close off your flow of light for next time, feeling it fade off gently. 

how to cleanse your crystals

Bury them in the earth: This method is again not appropriate for all stones or locations, but it can be a good method for drawing the energy out. Find a spot of earth that you can easily dig up and easily remember where it is! Bury your stones under the earth, asking Mother Nature to help you take care of them and to draw any unwanted energy out. You can leave them there overnight or for however long you feel. Thank Mother Earth for her help when the clearing process is complete.

Always remember to thank the method you are working with. gratitude and intention is so important.

use the full moon to cleanse your crystals 

Moon/Sun bathing: The sun and moon are both able to cleanse your stones. You can allow your crystals to sunbathe so they can soak up the sunshine vibes (be sure to not leave anything in the sunlight for too long as it may fade!). You can also pop your stones out each month under the full moon if it feels like the right thing to do, you don’t have to do this every month if it does not intuitively feel right for you. The moon has a powerful cleansing energy, which cleanses and charges your stones up ready to be used again. If you miss a full moon or don’t feel the need to put them out each month, don’t worry! You don’t have to stick them out all the time; it is totally up to you and how you feel!

 setting intentions with crystals

How to programme and set intentions with your Crystals

Once you have cleansed your stones, especially if this is the first time you are working with them, it is a good idea to ask that the stones work with you. Crystals are naturally intuitive, so they know exactly what they need to be doing, but sometimes a little please and thank you goes a long way.

Tune into your crystals and gently ask them to work with you for your highest good (try not to be too specific, as the answer to your problem may not lie where you think it does). 

You could say, “Please work with me for my spiritual growth for my highest good” or, “Please guide me on my path of my highest good”. “And so it is”. 

You can do this however often you feel; your intuition will let you know when your crystals need it. 

Connecting to your Crystals energy.

This exercise will help you get an idea on when your crystals need to be cleansed.

Settle yourself in a comfy place and hold a stone that you know needs a cleanse. 

Feel into the stone. Can you sense its energy? Note how it feels. 

Cleanse the crystal with your method of choice

Settle down once more and hold the stone again. Can you feel a difference? Note how it feels.

I think for me, I could compare this to having a shower! You know how you feel before you hop in. Then afterwards you feel like a whole new, refreshed person!

Take care everyone. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the link around.

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