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New Moon in Cancer

18 July 2023 6:31am

The new moon in Cancer encourages you to work with your inner-child. It reminds you to prioritise your self-care and evaluate how you are giving and receiving on all levels of your life (physical, spiritual). Take the time to be nurturing and compassionate to yourself, create a space where you feel safe, held and grounded. Take the time to meditate, write a love note to your inner-child and surround yourself in an energetic bubble of love and care. Connect with the energy of Mother Mary. 

The New Moon in Cancer may bring new events or opportunities your way.

Journal Prompts | Card Pulls

  • How can I better take care of myself on a 1) spiritual level 2) emotional level 3) physical level. 
  • What does my inner-child want me to know right now?
  • How can I support my inner-child energy?


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