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Spring Equinox is a time of renewal, balance and awakening. This year is it is happening  Sat, 23 Sept 2023, 6:49 pm for New Zealand.

This is an ideal time to open up to what you can do for your own personal growth and awakening.

Crystals for Spring Equinox 

Green Aventurine: Encourages growth, abundance, and new opportunities.

Carnelian: Enhances motivation, creativity, and courage, making it an excellent crystal for achieving new goals and clearing out the clutter.

Rose Quartz: Promotes self-love, compassion, and healthy relationships.Use it to guide you to what is aligned with your needs during this time of rebirth.

Clear Quartz: Use the ’Master Healer’ to amplify your intentions during this potent time of the year. Write a list of goals and intentions while holding or sitting with a Clear Quartz.

Journal Prompts for Spring Equinox

How can I go about bringing more balance into my life?

What things can i do to further deepen my connection with nature?

During this season of growth and renewal, what intentions do i want to set?

What areas of my life are ready for a fresh start?

Card Spread for Spring Equinox

1 - What energies will support and nurture my personal growth this spring?

2 - What wisdom can I learn from observing nature during this season?

3 - What guiding light can I find within myself as I navigate transformation and renewal spring equinox?

We hope this is a guiding light for you during the Spring Equinox of 2023

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